How To Play

This is our version of the classic two-player game Battleships.

  • Player 1 places their fleet in the 10x10 grid, and then invites Player 2 to do the same.
  • Once both fleets are in position, the game begins.
  • Unlike in the classic game, shots are not done alternatively. In this version, each player attempts to sink the other's fleet in as few shots as possible.
  • Once you have sunk the enemy's fleet, notify your enemy.
  • If you have taken fewer shots than your opponent, then you've won.
Aim. To sink the enemy's fleet is fewer shots than your fleet is sunk.

How It Works.
  • Place your fleet.
  • Tell your opponent.
  • Opponent places their fleet and tells you.
  • The game has started.
  • Sink your opponent's fleet and then tell them.
  • When both fleets are sunk, the winner is known.
There's no signing in.
There's no account.
There are no cookies.
There's no data stored anywhere.
All your moves are encoded in your message message. The games starts when you send the first message.

Word Games

Build a lattice of real words from the bottom to the top of the grid.
Wordle Battle
Send your opponent an invite to Wordle Battle and then race to find the secret word.

Here is the original Wordle written by Josh Wardle.

Classic Games

Whites start. Send an opponent your first move via WhatApp, and the game is underway.
Connect 4
Two-player game. Build a row of 4 discs before your opponent.
Connect 3
Build a row of 3 discs before your opponent. This is a quicker version of Connect 4. It's much harder to defend.
Sink your opponent's fleet in fewer shots than they sink yours.
Tic Tac Toe
(Noughts and Crosses)

Be the first to build a row of 3 Xs or Os.
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